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Electronically Commutated Motors

Unada’s electronically commutated motors are designed for maximum efficiency  with robustness and reliability in mind. EC motors provide remarkable advantages over the traditional shaded pole or PSC motors, including significant improvements in energy consumption.


  • Capacity Range – Up to 50 (1/15 HP) Watts Output;
  • Global voltage availability;
  • Three speeds, programmable;
  • Timed reverse;
  • Flexible mounting solutions and customisable harness.


Unada’s Penta fanpacks adds our high-efficiency UC motor series to a high-performance low profile fan assembly, providing a drop-in solution compatible with industry-standard 7 and 8-inch ring mount fan assemblies. The fanpack design that sets the new benchmark for efficiency, noise and airflow. The complete package for your cooling applications.


  • Size Range – 7 to 8-inch;
  • Capacity Range – Up to 30 Watts Output;
  • Global voltage availability;
  • Three programmable speeds; timed reverse; reverse on start; pulse width modulation.

Patent number: D773632

Economy Fanpack

Unada’s Economy fanpacks provide flexibility to your cooling and ventilation systems. Customisable to the core, impellers from 6 to 12 inches can be added to our line of high-efficiency EC motors. Complete and robust assemblies to simplify your manufacturing and maintenance. 


  • Size Range – 6 to 12-inch;
  • Capacity Range – Up to 50 Watts Output;
  • Global voltage availability;
  • Three programmable speeds; timed reverse; reverse on start; pulse width modulation.

AC & DC Axial Fans

A range of AC and DC tube axial fan units designed with enhanced reliability, environmental friendliness and control features which result in less power consumption than traditional axial fans.

Features and Benefits:

  • Airflow Ability Up to 1988 m³/h / 1170 CFM;
  • Outstanding airflow performance on low static pressures;
  • Available in industry standard housing sizes;
  • Precision bearings for reduced heat losses. 

NEMA Frame EC Motors

Brushless Direct Current Motor

Unada also manufactures a range of high efficiency NEMA frame technology motors in partnership with Kulthorn Electric of Thailand. These motors are used in the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industries. Available in single and double shaft applications, Fully Enclosed or Open Frame. When it comes to motors, we create solutions that fit.


  • Range – 100 to 1500 Watts;
  • Wide Speed Range Control;
  • The most advanced self-aligning bearing for low noise output and longer product life;
  • Double shaft, sleeve bearing or ball bearing;
  • Efficient and durable.