A global leader in EC motor technology, Unada provides solutions to the biggest engineering challenges in refrigeration and ventilation. From low-consumption EC motors to fanpacks with unprecedented levels of efficiency and air flow, our portfolio makes our customers one step closer to success.




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What are your product development objectives?

Determine if our idea for a product is feasible

Are you a engineer who has a new technological breakthrough, and want to confirm that it can be made into a product?

Improve our current system to meet with the new industry standards

Does your current system needs to meet with the most recent regulatury industry standards and you are looking make some upgades?

Find an expert in motor technology, aerodynamics, electronics, or mechanical engineering

Does your product have electronics, mechanical components that move, and embedded firmware that controls it?

Find a partner for a full product development effort

Are you a technology leader who is looking for a team that can execute on the full product development effort, including concept generation, detailed design, prototyping, risk analysis, and quality engineering to end up with a full documentation package and manufactured goods?

Help, please!

If none of the above fall into what you’re looking for, let’s talk about some other services we offer. From brainstorming, idea generation sessions, design reviews, troubleshooting, start-up assistance, and engineering options, we have the resources to help with your business objectives.

Start growing with Unada today!

Your business needs to perform quickly, reliably and adapt to today’s fast-changing market. You need a partner that’s as responsive as you are. Put the power of Unada to work for you. Together we can redefine what’s possible.